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Women Leaders in HR Virtual Summit

September 17th, 2021

9:00am to 4:00pm (PST)

Noon to 7:00pm (EST)

5:00pm to Midnight (GMT)

An application-only virtual uncoference for HR women in senior leadership to candidly build relationships, debate ideas and inspire innovative ideas to advance all women in HR.


Women in HR summit: Services
Women Voting
Holding Hands
Work Presentation

No panels/ session

The 1-day unconference will have workshops and moderated discussions to maximize networking and peer support

Peer wisdom

Meet other HR women in senior leadership for peer support and coaching

HR tech competition

HR tech competition to connect with innovators and inspire creative solutions for the HR industry


Workshop- half day



  • Access to participant introduction and workshops

All day


  • Curated networking events

  • Access to all sessions and recordings

Women in HR summit: Price List

Selective participants

robyn tosick headshot - savvyself Robyn
wendy zheng.jpeg

Jin Lee, PhD

Director of digital health, Astellas Pharma (Serial Entrepreneur & Digital Health Investor)

Robyn Tosick

Founder, Savvyself / Purpose Coach / Spiritual Coach / Transition Coac

Wendy Zheng

Principal Consultant- Acerta Care (population health expert)

Women in HR summit: Team Members

September 17th, 2021 Schedule

9:00 to 9:10 am PST

Wendy Zheng: population health expert
Rona Lee: CEO,  Flourish All

9:10 to 10 am PST
Introductions & networking

Participants will be broken into small group for introduction & networking

10 to 11:45 am PST
3 Concurrent Workshops

  • Workshop #1: Fostering DEI through business development, innovation, and diverse employee engagement

  • Workshop #2: Leadership pipeline development: allyship, sponsorship & mentorship

  • Workshop #3: Fostering employee wellbeing through coaching

11:45 am to Noon PST
Yoga/ Networking

Network in real-time to share advice and learn from other attendees/ speakers

Noon to 1:45 pm PST
3 concurrent breakout sessions

  • Breakout #1: Ways to enhance gender equity

  • Breakout #2: Creating best place to work for women

  • Breakout #3: Foster positive culture

1:45 to 2 pm PST
Yoga/ Networking

Network in real-time to share advice and learn from other attendees/ speakers

2 to 3:50 pm PST
HR Tech startup competition

6 startup

3:50 to 4:00 pm PST


Wendy Zheng: population health expert
Rona Lee: CEO,  Flourish All

Women in HR summit: List
Motivational Speaker

Frequently Asked Questions

For Your Information

Women in HR summit: FAQ

Who are the coaches for complimentary 30-minute sessions for champion ticket holders?

At The Virtual Summit, You'll Get Access To:

  • A Powerful Day of Peer Networking: come and meet other incredible women in HR and learn practical, powerful steps and strategies to help you grow into your leadership and feel more in control and at peace in your life!

  • Connect & Collaborate: Over the course of the event you will be able to get to know and collaborate with not only The Flourish All team but also with other members of the Flourish community. This is an incredible time to work and connect with other women who can intimately understand all the benefits and challenges of being a female professional or entrepreneur, just like you! There will be incredible opportunities for meeting and connecting with like-minded women across the virtual event with our Live Networking Sessions! :-)

Exactly Who Is This Virtual Summit For?

You're likely to experience the most inspiring and refreshing 2 days you've had in years if...

  • ​You're an entrepreneur, creative, or professional trying to juggle everything and stay sane doing it.

  • ​You're tired of letting your to-do list run you and are ready to get in control of your life to ensure you make the next 12 months your best year yet.

  • You're an action-taker. You’re committed to getting max value out of these experts and actually implementing new ideas, not just noting them down for ‘some day.’

  • You’re committed to your growth and your wellness.

  • You want to grow your community of inspiring women.

  • You want to learn from and partner with some of the best leadership, wellness, and personal development minds in the industry.

Don't Want To Go It Alone? Bring-A-Friend!

We are pleased to provide you with the opportunity to bring a fellow like-minded female friend who you believe would benefit from attending the virtual event!

This is an incredible opportunity to access two-days packed with personal growth and wellness learning but also network with other ambitious women from the comfort of your own home! If you have a friend who is invested in their personal growth, make sure to share this event with them!

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