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Diana Damyanova

Diversity/nonprofit coach

While change is a difficult and uncomfortable experience, I have consistently found ways to make it part of my life and a key factor for my growth. Change started with moving to the US, continued with switching careers from investment management to consulting and finally coaching. Within my consulting experience I had the opportunity to work on projects in variety of industries and functions. In all these experiences I worked with a very diverse group of people and saw what helped them grow and perform.

My passion for people development was driven by the reward of seeing people grow and achieve their goals. Through my career I have been an advisor to management and leadership in the organizations I worked with. What was most rewarding however was when I managed people on projects or in my team.

Being a professional coach allows me to expand my impact and truly focus on helping my clients grow and perform

Work Experience

Investment Management (promoted from Associate to Analyst) - started in Finance in 2008 doing quant research in FX - the experience gave me a great taste of what transformation and resilience means.

External Consulting (promoted from Associate to Manager) - during my time at Kearney I covered a broad range of industries and functions, which allowed me to work with a very diverse group of people and learning how to get to performance in a short period of time.

Internal Strategy Consulting (promoted from VP to Director) - my experience at BNPP allowed me to build deeper relationships and understanding of the operations of an organization; this led to grow my advisory toolkit as well as ability to manage people, projects, and ultimately a team.

Education and Training

Undergrad - My first experience in the US was in Worcester, MA at WPI, where I got my degrees in Economics and System Dynamics.

MBA - Business School allowed me to make my first career transition. The experience at Booth was exciting, chalking, and more than anything - transforming.

Coaching - To expand my coaching skills from my work experience, I was part of an year long training program with Accomplishment Coaching

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The Career Change Journey

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