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Catharina Schneegass

Leadership/ HR coach

Many of us only have a surface-level awareness of the behavioral patterns that govern our lives. How many important decisions have we made on autopilot due to unchecked fears or unchallenged beliefs? How many connections have we let become inauthentic because we speak from a place of self-defense? 

Catharina’s coaching and training are focused on creating awareness about these deep behavioral patterns so that her clients can create the space they need to make empowered choices. 


Catharina received her Master’s degree in Work and Organizational Psychology at the Maastricht University, the Netherlands. She worked for five years as a leader in HR Development & Training for an employee base of 4,000 people. Besides being tasked to build the international HR Development team from the ground up, she designed and conducted leadership trainings and career coaching sessions for the company’s executives.


In 2019, she moved with her partner from her hometown of Hamburg, Germany, to New York City, where she started her coaching business.

In her free time, Catharina loves to spend long hours in the kitchen, trying challenging baking recipes. In order to neutralize these additional carbs, she appreciates a good workout or getting grounded on her yoga mat. 

Catharina Schneegass: About Me
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