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Abby Wen Wu

Somatic/ reational coach

My name is Abby Wen Wu, in Chinese 吴Wu雯Wen.雯 means colorful clouds, given by my grandfather.

I follow my curiosities and my intuition.

I grapple with and my Chinese-American identity and my place in the world.

my body has become sacred and serves to guide and store wisdom.

I believe the more we become comfortable in our bodies, the more we feel secure in our existence.

I live for a more embodied world.

Exploring: mind-body connection, Asian American identity, feminine & sexuality, and inner-outer connection.

the body guides towards wisdom

The body is a well of knowledge and full of wisdom. Often people relate to it as a burden, something to control, and a tool for a means to an end. Yet the body stores our histories, stories, and emotions and more. It is a magical vehicle that informs of our current state and gives hints of where we’d like to go. In the implicit information it gives, we can gain a more aligned and balanced life.

asian american

Swimming in two lanes between the east and west, toggling between old country history and new country customs, is a balancing act. Navigating “who am I” requires conceiving and accepting that we are the results of multiple layers of conditioning. The integration of the two different modes of being requires delicate balance and the peeling of onion.

feminine & sexuality

The suppression of the feminine is a multi-century act. The feminine represents a sense of receptivity, nurturing, intuition, collaboration, creativity, and sexuality. The feminine is both a fertile soil for creativity and holding, as well as a threat and danger for the mutilation and horrors to the body.

inner-outer connection

The false dichotomy of there being a segregation between the inner “self” and outer “world” is made by the mind. The more deconstruction occurs, the more the line between the two blur and it becomes obvious that what occurs internally is inseparable from the outer world. What happens to others impact us. We are at effects of our environments and nature, and vice versa.

Abby Wen Wu: About Me
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